Things to see & do

Turtle Beaches

The proximity of a large number of beaches used by the Loggerhead and Green turtles for nesting, makes Oasis a popular base for turtle watching.The turtles flipper up onto the sandy beaches at night time to dig huge holes in which they lay their eggs, covering them with sand and returning to the sea. The warm sand provides safety and steady incubator like temperatures until hatching six weeks later. The laying season is May/June /July/August and hatching takes place in July/August/September/October.

For more information you can go to Marine Turtle Research Group here

The Roman Harbour

Exploring the sunken ruins of the Roman Harbour with a snorkel and flippers is a fascinating pastime and the proliferation of amphora shards and terracotta pieces on the sea bed among the toppled cut stone blocks of the ruined sea walls testifies to the intense trading activity of bygone eras.

Dolphins and Migrating Birds

If you are lucky, you may see one of the schools of dolphins on their way along the coast and in the spring and autumn flocks of migrating birds over fly the peninsula.

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